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Ejaculatory Duct | Anatomy And Its Functions

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Ejaculatory duct is among the many paired structures that are found in a male anatomy. To be specific, the union of the vas deferens with the seminal vesicle duct forms ejaculatory tube. ejaculatory ductThe two passes through prostate, and then opens at the colliculus seminalis into the urethra. This is what makes it possible for the semen to locate its way out of the body. During ejaculation, the semen is made to pass through the prostate gland, then to the urethra and later exits the body using the penis tip. Generally, this is an important duct in human race since; it paves way for the reproduction.

Ejaculatory duct is relatively small in length, almost two centimeters long. Its creation is a unique one. It is created when the seminal vesicle’s duct perfectly merges the vas deferens. Here, the ducts are allowed to travel through the prostate, draining into the collicus a urethra for semen. ejaculatory ductSince this is a human structure, there is a possibility of it being infected or disordered as any other structures of the human body. Either there is a possibility of both or one ejaculatory duct to become obstructed. This is acquired pathological or congenital complication called the ejaculatory channel obstruction. If this happens, it will mean no passage of sperm and so, the affected individual will definitely experience symptoms like azoospermia, infertility or even aspermia.

As much as this situation can make one confused, it does not mean the situation cannot be rectified. It is possible for the situation to be handled since; it allows the possibility of surgery. If a man can find himself in this ejaculatory duct disorder, the best thing to do is to accept transurethral resectioning. ejaculatory ductA surgical process that will result in the opening of the ejaculatory duct. The goal of this surgical procedure is to ensure that the ejaculation flows normally once again.

The above-mentioned disorder is not the only known disorder that can affect the ejaculatory canal. It is also possible for benign prostatic hyperplasi condition to occur. This comes about when abdominal prostate increases in size. This is a sensitive disorder since as much as it is correctible by surgery; there is a possibility of the ejaculatory duct being damaged in the process. If it happens that the duct is damaged, then this will automatically result to retrograde ejaculation. Surgeons knowing this, they are supposed to be more careful when handling a patient who is facing a situation of abdominal enlarge in prostate volume.

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